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Bifrost Liquid caching issues

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Bifrost Liquid caching issues

Hi , all
I would like to simulate simple scene with waves rolling to the shore. I am using cached BOSS geometry as motion field with geometry option enabled in motion field properties. Then I enable background processing option and press play button. Bifrost stars to generate cache and create folder in local temp directory with sub-folders for every frame.

But Bifrost create cache files not only for simulation but for cached geometry as motion field too. I don't understand why. Geometry already cached.

The problem is that it duplicates each file from the previous frame and as a result in directory of frame 100 I have 100 files of geometry's cache.


See pictures below:



What am I doing wrong and how to disable the creation of these duplicates.



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in reply to: ian_zubarev

This is the forum for the Bifrost Extension, not the Bifrost legacy Fluids.


But to answer your question, for each Properties Container node, you'll find Cache Control options in the Attribute Editor. Liquid, Mesh, and Solid Cache all have read/write modes. It's a completely manual process, you need to create folders and enter paths by hand.

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in reply to: ian_zubarev

I've unlocked this tutorial so you can watch it without a subscription. It shows the (complicated and difficult) workflow for dealing with caches in Bifrost Fluids

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in reply to: aaronfross

Hi Aaron , 

Thanks tor Your response but unfortunately Your response did not help me, since there are no caching options in motion field attributes .


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in reply to: ian_zubarev

A Motion Field is a force that operates on a Properties container. You need to cache the container, such as bifrostLiquidProperties1. Then you're saving all of the calculations that container depends on, including a Motion Field.


When the container has been cached, and the cache is in read mode, then the Motion Field and any other forces are not in effect any longer, and you can turn them off for performance in the viewports.

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