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Bifrost Liquid & Master Voxel Issue

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Bifrost Liquid & Master Voxel Issue

Good Morning, 


I'm new to Bifrost and probably haven't made it easy on myself working on an Underwater Project. 

I'm having a problem where the Density of the Bifrost Liquid is too thick and have tried changing the Master Voxel to 0.050 and Maya just Crashes. Also I'd Like to create small air bubbles within the Liquid Simulation any information about how to go around creating this would be amazing. 


I've read up on a few Forum that Maya crashes due to not enough RAM Allocated to Maya is there a specific way of actually Allocating RAM to Maya? 


Here's a little Screen Shot of the Project, Any advice would be grateful. 

Kind Regards.  


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Hi Jayne,

Would it be possible for you to share your scene so we can have a look? How much RAM does your machine have? It should be possible for Bifrost to use all available memory on your machine without user input, but it may crash if running out of memory.

For the bubbles we currently don't have a proper bubble model implemented. What you can try is to set up a particle system in the Bifrost graph. To make the bubble movement more realistic you can consider using the velocity of your liquid simulation as well as a buoyant force to influence the particles.



Michael Nielsen

Principal Engineer

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