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Bifrost Liquid always creates on the origin and doesn't connect with my object

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Bifrost Liquid always creates on the origin and doesn't connect with my object

Someone please help! I am desperately trying to figure this out. Nothing works. I've tried all suggestions from all other forums.


- I've changed the "Play Every Frame" setting, which seems to have been the issue for everyone else but it's not this for me. 

- I've reinstalled Maya, updated it, restarted computer, nothing seems to be a solution and I can't find anyone to help. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Is there a way to just remove bifrost and reinstall it again? I'm at a loss here. Thank you in advance!

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in reply to: v.gashi_cad

Check the size of the object you're adding the Bifrost to. When I tried to add Bifrost liquid to a sphere smaller than 0.5 cm, it would be created at the origin. However, when I increased the scale of the sphere to greater than 0.5 cm, it started working correctly. 


Hope this helps!



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