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Bifrost is not calculating Liquid Between Frames?

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Bifrost is not calculating Liquid Between Frames?

I need to render a bifrost liquid animation in maya with vray "between frames".


I set the Framerate to 25fps and the animation works exactly as I want it to look like. But I want to render a Slow-Mo and do this by setting "By Frame" to 0.25 to render 4 Frames for 1 real Frame. But Bifrost is NOT computing the Liquid Animation between the frames. If I change the main framerate to 100fps the liquid does not behave the same way as by 25fps.


Is there a workaround/ solution? I need help, thank you very much!

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To render in slow motion, increase the frame rate in the scene, for example, from 25 to 100 for 4x slower. If you leave "Keep keys at current frames" unchecked when changing frame rate in the Time Slider preferences, the animation timing will be unchanged, for example, a key set at 1 second (frame 25) will still be at 1 second (now frame 100).


I hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer

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