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Bifrost in production...maybe not?

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Bifrost in production...maybe not?

I've had fun learning Bifrost and have come up with a couple of handy compounds.  But seeing that things change with each of the things I hate about Houdini by the way...means that compounds might production.

Why can't old compounds/nodes be left as is and better ones introduced with a new name or versioning system?  This way, things won't break.  And the user has the option of overhauling to the new compounds in a non-destructive way.

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Bifrost is already being used in production. Regarding the dependency breaks that you are mentioning, you're probably talking about the scatter_points. This node was technically not part of the built-in nodes to begin with so it could have been considered a prototype since it was introduced in the latest version. Of course there are still some dependency breaks for built-in nodes sometimes but usually it's just a few nodes here and there so no big deal IMO.


Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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