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Bifrost Graph Tests

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Bifrost Graph Tests


I thought I'd share some of the tests I've been making while getting to grips with the  bifrost graph, mainly MPM sims.


I've tried to make sure that I can take each graph to the rendering stage so to get a complete idea of the workflow. As a result I generally keep the resolutions fairly low as I currently have time constraints for how long I can sim, I've seen posts about hopefully being able to stop and restart file caching in future releases which I'm looking forward to.


I have a question.

Is it currently possible to apply different shaders to seperate air sources in an aero sim?


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in reply to: JMM71

Wow those are really great tests!

Would be awsome if you could share more info on how you build these! 

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Very cool stuff!

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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

Hi cg_uglo.

Thanks for the feedback.


I've made a couple of videos showing how I went about making the crumbling man animation.

This one runs through the graph set up


This one goes through setting up the character to bring it into bifrost.


I hope people find them useful. I should say my bifrost knowledge is fairly rough and ready so apologies if I get my facts wrong.

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in reply to: JMM71

Thanks thats great info!


JMM71 may i know your real name ?


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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

No probs

Of course its Jason

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in reply to: JMM71

Really good work Jason. 

Just in case you havnt seen it you got featured on LasterBanks.

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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl


I didn't now that

Your Christoph I'm guessing, Thanks for retweeting my videos

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in reply to: JMM71

Thanks for the tutorials. I wish there was more information out there structured as clearly as these ones!


Can't wait for more 😉

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in reply to: JMM71

Great work!

Regarding your question about attaching different shaders to different aero sources, this is possible. I have attached an example maya scene file. The scene sets up two different sources, each one having a custom property (color1 and color2). Then the aero object is output twice and a different Arnold shader attached to each to create smoke with different colors.




Michael Nielsen

Principal Engineer
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in reply to: michael_nielsen

Hi Michael.

Thanks for the feedback and thank you for the example scene. I'm looking  doing some coloured smoke tests.




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in reply to: sklauss

Hi sklauss.


Thanks for your positive feedback, much appreciated.


I have just uploaded a couple more vids:


One on the setup of a  smoke plume.


and this one on rendering out the blue flame channel





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