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Bifrost graph keyframe problem

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Bifrost graph keyframe problem


I´m working with an aero effect, and want to animate a value in the Bifrost Graph,

namely the Geo Volume Offset in the Source Air node!

In the graph I´ve connected the Offset value to the Input node, so I can set keyframes in the Channel Box!

The problem is that even if I make keyframes in the Channel Box, and the value changes, the volume doesn´t change.  It doesn´t update!

Anyone got a clue?

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in reply to: bwecko

Can you post a repro scene?

You are trying to make this keyframe animation after the first frame. When you are in any kind of simulation just the first frame gets read by the solver (unless you tell it not to) and then the solver takes charge of what is happening, if you need to do something during the simulation, there are ways to do that with BF but again it depends on what you want to achieve.  So if you can post an example would be easier to help. 

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Thank´s a lot for reply!

I finally found another solution where I don´t need to keyframe that attribute!

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