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bifrost graph i want aero collide inside sphere

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bifrost graph i want aero collide inside sphere

just trying reverse normals but nothing works , emitting smoke and i want collide inside a sphere 

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in reply to: marcury

Use a sphere with thickness... So just extrude the entire sphere.

Default settings for the collider will work... See video.

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Another option you can use (if you don't want to extrude anything) is simply set the collider to "shell mode" instead of "solid mode".  Then specify a thickness for the shell - all can be done on the collider node.

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in reply to: joostkonemann

this extrude was the logical solution but when the collider shell option didnt work i felt totally frustrated and didnt think about extrude 🙂

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in reply to: marcus.nordenstam

unless i did something wrong , this shell mode with thickness was my first solution and  didnt work , but with the extrude thing is ok 

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