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Bifrost fluid doesn't accumulatein the glass

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Bifrost fluid doesn't accumulatein the glass

hello, i'm trying to make a bottle pouring liquid to glass using Bifrost in Maya 2018. But the liquid doesn't accumulate in the glass, instead it kind of disappears after hitting the glass.



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Hi Christy,


It looks to me like particles might be getting culled as they fold back in on themselves as the liquid sloshes around in the glass, as well as when they penetrate too deep into a collider in a single timestep.


One thing to do is to turn off Delete Exceeding Particles in the Adaptivity - Spatial settings of the bifrostLiquidPropertiesContainer. You probably also need to increase the Time Step Adaptivity and Max Time Steps in the Adaptivity - Time Stepping parameters. Try to keep the values as low as you can to avoid the volume loss, because they will increase the computation time.


I hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer

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