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Bifrost fluid cooling fire (aero)

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Bifrost fluid cooling fire (aero)

Is it possible to get the point position of a bif object (fluid water) to lower the temperature of aero solver. For example, a house on fire and a hose spraying water onto it lower the temperature. How could I make that work?

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in reply to: teddude75

Hi @teddude75 


One way to do this is to export the liquid mesh and read it back into the bifrost graph.  You can then use this mesh as a mask for a modifier influence:


- Get a modifier influence and set the property to voxel_temperature or voxel_gas_oxygen

- Use the replace mode with a high rate

- Plug a mask_influence chained to the modifier_influence

- Plug your mesh to the geometry port of the mask_influence.  Make sure to set the shape to mesh and adjust the voxel size accordingly.


I have attached a video of this effect.


Hope this helps,


Konstantinos Stamatelos

Bifrost FX Product Owner and Designer

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Yeah that worked. Thanks for the help. Is there also a to animate vertex color set and drives the temperature? Does color sets work with fire?

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