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bifrost do not play simulation

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bifrost do not play simulation

is it possible if delete some bifs or graphs , when create new one , its corrupt or something and dont play? just created some fibers from curves and i can see the bif fibers but when click play nothing move..... in a new scene its ok so its just this scene , but any way to bring back bifrost to work or the whole scene is corrupt because whatever?

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If you are able to share your scene, maybe we can have a look. It's a bit difficult to tell what might be the problem without knowing more. 🙂

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thx , finally i just deleted the graph , do new one and seems working , or maybe yesterday night maya was tired and now at morning wake up with more energy to make those thousand fibers move 🙂


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in reply to: marcury

by the way since is working the simulation , now appear the next issue  , i want use this fibers as hair guides , i have kind of animal , now i want stick this fibers to the mesh , i use a constrain using the mesh animal as geometry but now fibers dont move , means bifrost constrain now only can use sphere and box ? any way to stick base of fibers to custom mesh ?

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Yes, this is a limitation for now: you can only use the bounding sphere, bounding box or paint on the mesh to constrain fibers. We certainly want to improve this but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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