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Bifrost Commands Documentation : Examples not working ?

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Bifrost Commands Documentation : Examples not working ?

Hi ,
i am currently trying to do some Bifrost-Scripting.

1. while checking out the Bifrost-Commands-Documentation
i found out , some of the Examples ( at the Bottom of the command-documentations ) are not working properly
e.g. vnnCompound and vnnNode-examples

2. additionally in Maya2024 , when trying to access the "Nodes-Reference" ( "help / Maya Scripting Reference / Node and Attribute Reference" ) - there seems to be a broken link , the expected website with Node-Reference does not show up .

thanx in advance for your support ๐Ÿ˜‰

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in reply to: sim.on

Hello @sim.on , could you tell us which command flags you could not make working?

I could not find the category you are searching for in the latest documentation. If this is related to Maya, you should consider asking help on the Maya forum. As for the Bifrost doc, you can read it here.

Maxime Jeanmougin
Software Development Engineer
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in reply to: sim.on

Hello @maxime_jeanmougin , thanx for your feedback .

well , in the command-doc for vnnCompound , for instance , it starts with


cmds.vnnCompound("bifrostGraph1", "/", create="liquid")

where "bifrostGraph1" should probably be renamed to "bifrostGraphShape1" in all the examples in order to work.

later in the same vnnCompund-example-code it is written

# Rename a node
cmds.vnnCompound("bifrostGraph1", "/liquid", renameNode=("add", "plus"))

# Remove the node
cmds.vnnCompound("bifrostGraph1", "/liquid", addNode="BifrostGraph,Core::Math,plus")
cmds.vnnCompound("bifrostGraph1", "/liquid", removeNode="plus")

where the second line including ... Core::Math,plus ....
is probably unneccessary , since the add node has been created before and renamed

and in the end , the last line ( resetToFactory="liquid")
does not work for me either

the vnnNode-documentation example starts with


import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.mel as mel

cmds.file(new=1, f=1)

cmds.vnnCompound("bifrostGraph1", "/", addNode="BifrostGraph,Simulation::Aero,combustion_settings")

after changing "bifrostGraph1" to "bifrostGraphShape1" again , the vnnCompund-addNode-example throws directly an error , when trying to create "Simulation::Aero,combustion_settings"

when i change "Simulation::Aero,combustion_settings" to "Simulation::Aero,aero_combustion_settings"

again , this line is working , but i need to apply changes to the next line again .

"/combustion_settings/set_property__enable_combustion" needs to become

and so on .
maybe the examples where created for a previous bifrost-version , and have not been updated since then ?

ok , but now i realize , this is INDEED quite a good learning approach for me , trying to get the example to work ๐Ÿ™‚

have a nice weekend

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in reply to: sim.on

@sim.on Thank you for reporting this. I have logged an improvement to update the examples.

Maxime Jeanmougin
Software Development Engineer

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