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Bifrost cloud_painter

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Bifrost cloud_painter

Posted a cloud_painter graph.


- download and add zip contents to your username/Autodesk/Bifrost/Compounds dir.

- Restart Maya

- 'Open' the graph through Windows > Bifrost Browser > Volumes > cloud_painter (if you import you will need to create locator and connectAttr to cloud_painter.position)

- Move the locator around on the screen.

- When happy with the shape, set current time to 0, then press rewind to send back to time 1. (writes cache at this point)

- select cloud_painter node in outliner and turn on Regenerate_Cloud attribute

Result: Cloud should be generated/drawn in VP


built with Maya 2019, MtoA 4.0.1 and Bifrost


Graph was created a little while back but we had issues with rendering it. In most cases it seems to render fine now. Credit to Aslan for helping with the logic needed to trigger the cache write on the feedback system.


See attached video here on how to use it.


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in reply to: syracoj

a couple pictures of experimental renders from the cloud_painter. Could still use some work but the potential is there.



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in reply to: syracoj

Thanks thats working great!

The only thing new users will confuse is the connecting of the locator to the Graph.

Without reading the docs noone will find out it does work this way.


First i tried to drag the locator into the graph to connect them.

We need a better method to connect maya with bifrost.


Thanks i like this graph!

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Awesome work John! 🙂

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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

thanks cg_oglu!


regarding "

The only thing new users will confuse is the connecting of the locator to the Graph.

Without reading the docs noone will find out it does work this way.



that's why I left a demo showcasing how it works in the Forum post as well as a link to the demo/forum post on the cloud_painter downloads page.


But I agree, we do need a better way to connect other items from the host into Bifrost.


Hopefully in the future we will provide a more proper mechanic to doing workflows like this. Some sort of implicit manipulator (like the Maya Artisan paintbrush manipulator) that can interface with the Bifrost Graph.


I entertained the idea of leaving a demo video in the bifrost_graph packaged zip, but am uncertain of the implications of this when the package is extracted to the users username/Autodesk/Bifrost/Compounds dir. I don't think it would break or cause Bifrost to fail to load, but I didn't want to risk it so I kept the demo as a post on the forum instead.



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