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Bifrost beginner questions

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Bifrost beginner questions

Hey Guys,
I’m new to Bifrost, so I assume this are beginner questions:

I spent the last months modelling the HMS Victory. For my final render and turntable animation I want a small ocean part beneath the ship. With the BOSS tutorials from the Maya learning channel I managed to get an ocean. What I did was that I simulated the ocean in a different file, and then used the cached maps as vector displacement maps in my main file. You can see my progress on the image I’ve attached.

While following the tutorials, I’ve run into multiple problems:

  • When I was done, I cached the simulation, and applied the images as vector displacement textures, as explained before. I closed the simulation file, so that the main file runs smoother. A few hours later I wanted to tweak the simulation but could not open the BOSS editor anymore. I always get an error message:

# Warning: Pixmap file deleteGeneric.png not found, using default. #

# Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Bifrost/Maya2020/ line 106: AttributeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Bifrost\Maya2020\\bifrost\scripts\ line 167: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'node' #


  • Like I said, I followed the tutorials from the Maya learning channel. On part 4 he creates the realistic foam.

    I’ve done everything he did, but the foam just does not appear. I had the problem before, that the simulation was to intense, and the ocean just disappeared, so I even tried it with the some very low sim resolution, but still no foam.


  • Let’s say I get the foam to work, is there a way to import the foam into the main file?
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in reply to: malte-ullrich

If you are referring to BOSS foam and displacement. You only need those maps for final render. Displacement is used to displace a polyPlane of your ocean surface. The foam textures are used as texture inputs to your shading network. Adding them to a different maya file works by using a file node in the hypershade.

If you are talking about moving bifrost liquids between scenes. The same method applies. You can point the liquid properties node cache to you cached files on disk.

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