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Bifrost aero not rendering

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Bifrost aero not rendering

Hi, so I just recently picked up Bifrost and noticed that I've been having issues with rendering it out. I wanted to see a sample render of a single frame before caching. When I try and render it gives me a black screen without anything. At some point, I was able to do it but now anything I try doesn't work. I have the latest Arnold 4.2 and Bifrost but that gave me an incompatibility error, then I changed my Arnold to a 4.0.2 version. The simulation is a very simple aero with combustion to make a simple fire simulation.  I am using an aiStandartVolume shader. Not sure what is causing the problem since the ScriptEditor doesn't actually show me the issue.

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Please would you mind trying to render using MtoA 4.1.x, e.g. MtoA 4.1.1, and see if that fixes the issue?

Thank you!

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I was thinking of updating to Arnold 6.2. I will wait. I am seeing few questions in the forum.

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