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Bifrost aero explosion demo

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Bifrost aero explosion demo

Bifrost aero's physics-based combustion system introduces chemical properties into the solver. Technically, this is the second generation system used in the movie explosion and combustion effect production process. FumeFX, PhoenixFD, Maya fluid, TurbulenceFD, pyro, etc., they belong to the first generation combustion system.

So far, there are only two physical real combustion systems based on chemical properties. One is combustion 2 developed inside Weta Digital and used for the pyrotechnic explosion of Avengers 4. This is their demo: The other is the aero combustion system inside Bifrost.

If you want to use a physically real combustion system based on chemical properties. Unless you are a Weta Digital staff member, or you can use Bifrost aero now.

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Again greate work!

Do you have a big single frame render to see all the quality?

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Hi cg_oglu,
I'm sorry, I do not understand what you mean 😉

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Very nice! Looks amazing, again. Thanks for showing the good stuff!

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A big render of just one frame. A 6k big image.

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not yet. Tomorrow I will render a 6k image and share it

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