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Bifrost Aero colliders - Collider thickness?

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Bifrost Aero colliders - Collider thickness?

Hi Forum.

I reasonly started out with bifrost in order to create a smoke effect from a project. The idea is to make smoke travel though a polymodelled net. I appear to have some sort of "collision thickness" issue with my scene but can seam to find that kind of attribute somewhere? I guess it's a no-brainer but i'm a complete noob in bifrost!


best regards


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in reply to: daniel9HCWR

Is probably because your collider is in relative mode and not absolute. 

Meaning that the detail size is relative to the bounding box of the input geo while absolute uses the world space unit from the input. 


You can keep it in relative but you probably want to lower the detail size. If you want to preview what you are doing just drop a mesh to volume or convert to volume node on your collider geo (easier and without needing to sim to see the results). You can also do it through the solver if you press D in the simulate Aero node (make sure the collider node you have display diagnostic checked)

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btw check this out. It might help you to understand a few things

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in reply to: daniel9HCWR

Thanks guys for helping. I accually ended up adjusting the "detail size" under collision node but also turned the offset value to a negative value. And it solved it pretty okej!

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