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Bifrost Aero and Vray

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Bifrost Aero and Vray

I can get my head around rendering bifrost aero with vray? My VFB is empty when i render? Does anybody know how to assign shader?

In the vray documentation its refered to a vray attribute but it does'nt appear in my attribute panel when i select my bifrost node in the outliner?


Anyone managed this that could help me?


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Vray cant render Bifrost Aero. You need to export a VDB.

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Noob question maybe, but what is a VDB?



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OpenVDB is a file format for sparse volumes. You can export them from Bifrost using the write_OpenVDB node.

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How does the write node work? It doesnt seam to write anything?

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@daniel9HCWR at least on the of the outputs (on the right hand side of the node) of the write_OpenVDB node has to be connected to either an output node or a terminal for the write_openVDB node to execute.

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Okay, i thought the writing was an alternative output.

The linked youtube-clip showed a method using file-cache node between simulation-node and output. 

What is the difference between these to methods?




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The file_cache node just wraps up several of the write_XYZ nodes into one node. You can check this yourself by diving into the node. Personally, I prefer to use write_OpenVDB directly since it give the most control.

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Just cache your VDB file and upload in a Vray volume grid for rendering.

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