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bifrost 2.7 silicon mac native

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bifrost 2.7 silicon mac native

hey great 2.7 has some nifty features. looks very cool 


checker gel looks really interesting compound  Thanks  just what I wanted ! 


is bifrost also silicon mac native ?  would be interesting to know ?  

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Yes, Bifrost and for Maya 2024 runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Mac computers (but not earlier versions of Maya). The installer and installed plug-in are universal binaries (UB2). In addition, Bifrost's compiler ("Amino") generates native Arm64 code when run on Apple Silicon.


I hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer
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Hey great Many thanks for getting back to me
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Yes it's super cool and super fast. I must find time to run the bifrost benchmark as it's amazing fast thanks every one

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