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Bifrost released!

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Bifrost released!

We’re pleased to release Bifrost for Maya 2018, 2019, and 2020 for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. They can be downloaded on the Area today


Release highlights and a complete list of fixed issues with tracking numbers are in the release notes. This release brings improvements to interactivity of the graphs, speedups to Aero and other new simulation features, support for multidimensional arrays in Maya, and many bug fixes and stability improvements. 

Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager
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Great release.

The Ui feels much more sophisticated.


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in reply to: jonah.friedman

cool. thank you

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Hey Cristoph!, it's a joke really? Confirm please because I only see the same UI, ahahaha.


Anyway, thanks for the update Jonah.


Anotación 2020-02-19 103048.png

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There are new Icons and new Color code + everything feels snappier.

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Thanks for saying so! The compiler speed improvements make a big difference, especially in large graphs. 


There's another feature that I didn't include in the release highlights but is worth talking about - what happens when you use "create value node". This is a small feature but I'm highlighting it in case people avoided that functionality in the past. 


  • If you create a value node on a port where there's already a value, the value is carried over to the newly created value node. You can use this to quickly reuse a value twice in your graph rather than having to re-enter the value. 
  • If you have a multiply node on an array and create value node, it creates a value node with the single type instead of the array type, so you can use that to multiply an array by a constant in far fewer clicks. This applies to "associative" nodes (add, subtract, multiply), build_array and fan-in ports, and auto-looped ports. 

Another small thing, but a thing that saves you quite a few clicks and hopefully makes your Bifrosting a more fluid process. 

Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager
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That info should be added to the docs. 

Otherwise its lost in here.


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