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Audio file playing fast. Help need for school.

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Audio file playing fast. Help need for school.

I am an advanced student trying to do a project for school which requires an audio file in my Maya timeline. At school my sound clip imported correctly but on my home computer the file plays too fast. I have double checked my animation settings,all correct,  and  I used Au to import at 16 bit . I have tried a Wav. File and an Aiff.  I have tried several different clips and all are playing too fast. I sent a copy of my file to my instructor and she double  checked all my settings. I do have Maya 2023 while my school uses Maya 2022 of that may be the issue. . I really need quick repsone. Project is due Tuesday. Any suggestions would be a blessing  thanks. 

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@LewispearcedR5XEJ This is the Bifrost forum. Perhaps you want to ask in one of the Maya ones instead?

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thanks, sorry was working at 4 am . i will try to remove

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