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animated embroidery effect

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animated embroidery effect


I want to try to recreate this effect:



I found a way to do it with Nhair utilizing end stops. It's very convoluted and I thought, there has got to be an easier way to do this. I think Bifrost can do this but before I spend a lot of time learning I wanted to ask, is this possible? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?


I know I will need to produce strands, for that, I will use the curves that I have.

I need to know how to animate them to grow along their motion paths. Or, something else, but ultimately I need to control where they start, path, and stop.

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It's definitely possible. Is there something specific you don't know how to do?

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Looking for the same logo effect for my brand logo. Don't know how to do this. If anyone know, kindly tell me. Thanks.

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You can def do it in the graph but is just more work as of right now - In Mash is easier and more controllable as well, but slower if you want to do many of them since Mash doesn't accept curves to distribute if you use the repro, which you need for the Time node to work. You can obviously use a .ass, .rsproxy or a vrayproxy, etc to make a bunch of them. Which it might be an advantage as well if you do want to render on a different engine.  


You need to cache the MASH_Main as an ABC in order to see what you see in the GIF 
If you want to offset this animation as well you need to change the geo to repro mesh since the Time node doesn't work on the instance which will slow down.


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MASH as instancer, accept curves and is fast.

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Yes, it does but you can not use the Time node as I mentioned. 

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