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Align locators with points normals from a surface

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Align locators with points normals from a surface


1. I have a Locator following a curve (coming from an edge  surface)

2. I would like to align the Y axis locator with the closest points normals from this surface

3. As it seems we can't import locators inside BG, I tried to align a cube first, with a sphere taking informations about closest point on surface.


But I guess I am doing something wrong about the part when I want to copy the orientation


align locator 1.pngalign locator 0.png

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in reply to: moiamy

update : I finally use sample property to get the position and the normal.

Now I try to figure how to use these infirmations to constraint an object orientation in BG

align locator 2.png

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in reply to: moiamy

@moiamy I am researching the same as you, how did your research go in the end?

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