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Alembic export from Bifrost

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Alembic export from Bifrost


I did a snow sim using Bifrost graph, I want it to import in a lower version of Maya.I connected the file_cache node and exported to alembic,but it exporting as each frames.

Is there any way to export it to lower version of Maya or as a single alembic file?


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in reply to: Sreefx

the write_Alembic and file_cache nodes write out a sequence of files.

What could be done is you could pass the object data out of the bifrostGraph and connect it to a bifrostGeoToMaya node in the node editor. This in turn would get connected to a Maya mesh node (shape). Once this shape is generated, you can select it and use the Maya export to Alembic (which will do a single alembic file of the entire sequence).


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in reply to: syracoj

"Output it to an output, go into the node editor, expand the node-view on the Bifrost graph so you can see the output port for the mesh.  Now create a bifrostGeoToMaya DG-node, and connect the Bifrost graph’s output port to the “Bifrost Geo” input attribute on the bifrostGeoToMaya node.  The “Maya Mesh” output attribute contains the Maya mesh which you can now “do Maya things” to, as you would any other Mesh."

I follow the documentation, no MAYA geometry is produced in the scene, can provide a demo file?



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in reply to: KawashimaHi

I understand, because I use an instance, but how do I instance export the MAYA geometry

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in reply to: KawashimaHi

@KawashimaHi wrote:

I understand, because I use an instance, but how do I instance export the MAYA geometry

I don't think you can. I will try a few things but this is most likely a design limitation. Let me talk to a few internally here.


you could create a compound that duplicates a given input object to all the points of the target mesh, but obviously you lose out on the performance gain of instances.

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in reply to: syracoj

Would love to hear an update on this...

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in reply to: cormaction

you cannot export out instances to alembic. 

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in reply to: syracoj


We are working on point support for Alembic read/write in Bifrost.  This will be the key feature for what you want to do.  You can export the instanced geo as Alembic points, and use point attributes to encode the instance IDs according to the rules required by your renderer.


We have not considered adding Maya-instanced-geo support to the bifrostGeoToMaya node, as the scalability of Bifrost will likely cripple Maya's DG-based instancing data-model.  


All I can say for right now is continued patience.  The Alembic point read/write support is coming...




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