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Advect points(non-particles) by aero sim?

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Advect points(non-particles) by aero sim?

Hello. Is there a way to advect point by aero?


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Hi, I dont know if we can do that with static points right now, but with particles is so easy. Just use Volume Influence and connect it to the aero sim. Use a Drag Influence with high value on the particles too for this technique.



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Sorry, my read capacity of your title ( non-particles ) has been zero, xd. Avoid my reply.
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If you don't want to use simulate_particles, it it possible with a sample_volume_vector, but if you want continuous emission you'll have to use a feedback port, which will basically simulate points... IMO The easiest way is by simulating particles with the built_in nodes. here's what you can do: 


_Use the same source geometry as the one used on aero.
_Turn of gravity and other forces like normal force.

_Use the output aero volume and feed this into a volume influence, with force_scale = 1.0

_Add a drag influence and set a very high value like 100,000.



EDIT: Juanjo beat me to it 🙂

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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in reply to: mjcg91

Thanks @mjcg91  as ever.

I will like to do this.


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in reply to: mjcg91

Hi, so one question, if i have the particle simulation how i advect that? or need a aero simulation too? would have to use advect_field??



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