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Adding randomize node to bifrost aero combustion settings

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Adding randomize node to bifrost aero combustion settings

Hi I'm new to bifrost and have been following this tutorial Maya VFX Series: Fire Effect using Bifröst Aero - YouTube, I got to the timestamp - 26:22 and then the tutorial uses a custom randomize node. Since I don't have access to the exact one the video uses I tried experimenting with the different randomise options - I tried to add a 'randomise geo property' and changed the parameters to .5 and 4 although I don't think it's made any difference.


If anyone knows how to use/make/add a randomize node I'd really appreciate it.

-Thank you!



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Open the Bifrost browser and the `burning_barrel` example then you gonna find the random node that he is using. 

Then copy and paste or even better save it as your own compound so you can reuse it later on.





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Thanks I managed to find it! 🙂

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So I managed to copy and paste the compounds, but I was wondering how to save them? I tried following a tutorial on YT and managed to save a .json file, but now I can't seem to open it very easily - I was wondering if you had any ideas?


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Saving compounds (also known as publishing compounds) will indeed save the compound for later reuse by yourself. You can find published compounds in the tab menu alongside all the other compounds.

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