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Adding custom icons to compounds

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Adding custom icons to compounds

i'd like to know what needs to be known in order to do this properly.


I already know how to edit my .json files to add the needed metadata, but the path to the icon doesn't make sense at all. In the bif_lib_config files, the path to the icons folder is never initialized, yet it is able to load these icons while being in a folder next to the actual jsonLibs.


I have succeeded only once, by putting a custom compound and a custom icon in the rebel-pack folders, but somehow, if I arrange everything using the same fashion in my custom library, the custom icon doesn't appear on the compounds.


the .svg format is not the problem as I was able to successfully load it.


Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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in reply to: mjcg91

After investigating a bit, I was able to solve the problem. It was related to having compound scattered in sub-folders, and how the path was written.


At first, I had to put the icons folder in the compound path's sub-folder. I didn't know why it was working only by puting the icons folder in any level higher than the compound's root path. But then, I realised that the double dot ".." means "go up one level".


So changing the path to this "../../icons/mjcg.svg" and It magically worked, with a single icon folder.


                    "metaName": "icon",
                    "metaType": "string",
                    "metaValue": "../../icons/mjcg.svg"


Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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Thanks for sharing.....many hours of head scratching is now at an end

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