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add noise on arrays of transforms.

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add noise on arrays of transforms.

 I tried to apply noise on arrays of deformers but only first on the list gets animated.

rest of the node position got updated when I connect the attributes but that was it. 

Do I miss something, I have attached the test file. 


 Thank you,


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I just tried your graph here, and it works just fine.  All the locators are moving up and down randomly as one would expect.  In other words, your graph is correct.


What Bifrost version are you using? 


I am using the pre-release version of the upcoming new Bifrost version, so it's possible that what you are seeing is a bug that has been fixed.


Keep your eyes on this forum for exciting update news!




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I can confirm this problem here with the latest Bifrost version

I tested several different evaluation modes and other settings, but only "dgdirty -a" could force a correct evaluation for the current frame.

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in reply to: mspeer

Thank you for the update.

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