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Accessing bif input info on certain frame?

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Accessing bif input info on certain frame?


Is there a way to get bifrost's input, or certain nodes time/frame specific state in bifrost?

For example: the input is an animated geometry sequence, and I want to get the first frame as a "rest" reference inside bifrost.

Or more  want to get certain frame of my simulation?

Or, getting the last frame's result?




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Are you okay with caching the output first?

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Yeah, I guess that is inevitable.

I just checked quickly the caching options, but haven't found 'current frame' input value (desired frame in my case).

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If you're willing to cache your results, then it should be easy. Just use the time node to get the current frame and cache the geometry on your start frame with any of the caching nodes (file_cache, write_Bifrost_object, write_OpenVDB etc.). Then you can use the corresponding read node to load the geometry back in.


An even better solution might be to use feedback ports, again using the time node to store the start frame, and carry it forward to the later frames.

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Here's an example of using feedback ports.



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I just noticed, that the simplest compound is able to replicate what I want: 



This basically just does a feedback with the first input, this way, blocking it from updating per frame.

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Your compound will work although you won't be able to reset it easily by going back to the start frame. You can still reset it by forcing a graph recompile though. 🙂

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