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Access to number of inputs?

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Access to number of inputs?

Is there some way I can dynamically change a node in a compound based on inputs to that compound?  This is an interest thing, and I realise I can probably python something up based on selection, but just wondering if there's access to the input counts inside the graph?




Not sure if I have explained it very well, but I'm sure you get what I'm talking about - it's a simple switch node using an array on the inside of the compound and I'm probably running before I can walk, or there's something already existing that I have breezed right past (likely), but would be nice to have.

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you can do it easily. Instead of your many inputs, create a port with type array<Amino:Object>. Then from the outside of your compound, right-click on the port and check "Fan-In". The port icon will change and it will act the same as if you were using build_array. 

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Awesome.  Thanks again 🙂

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