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About the appearance of input / output nodes

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About the appearance of input / output nodes

In the attached pictures's graph, the highlighted nodes on the right side are processing nodes. All the rest are either input or output nodes.

In large graphs scenarios, in order to avoid cluttering the graph, I make use of a many input / output nodes. As a result, many nodes are arranged, and reading the graph becomes complicated at first glance. This is currently a trade-off, but I think that it could be solved by design.
If one could turn input / output / pass node’s display to become smaller, I think that the appearance of such large graph would become easier to read.

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I like that idea and design!

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in reply to: takashima.

The small little icon sphere does look neat. It is certainly an idea we have played around with a bit. I'm not crazy about the floating expand/collapse arrow, but speaking of which, it seems to me that the collapsed view is pretty compact already. Also, did you know that you can add more than one input path per node? See the attached example.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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in reply to: ihooper

Ian, Thank you for replying.

I also make use of "Input by Path", I think it's a quite convenient input method. In the near future, I hope that it will also import matrix, custom attributes, etc...


Regarding the input / output nodes, what I was talking about was the visual differentiation between these nodes, and the other processing nodes / compound. If their was a better visual differentiation, I think the graph's readability would become much easier. Since their roles are different from the rest of the nodes, I don't this it would confuse users.

In the image I posted earlier, the round shape silhouette is just an idea. The color of input / output nodes's could also turn to grey in the packed view, and as a result they would stand out a lot more from the other processing nodes.



Visually speaking, the understanding of a graph is important for beginners. It can give them a better impression of the tool when they open a graph.

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Everything that makes a graph more readable is welcome!


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