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About acquisition of location information

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About acquisition of location information

Hello. I understand that the position information of each vertex can be obtained by get_point_postion. I want to get the position information (X, Y, Z) of the cube object (complex of vertices). As an example, a simple program that adds the information of the cube at the cube (0,10,0) and the sphere at the position of (0,40,0) to make a new cube (0,50,0). I want to assemble. What I want to do is to add the amount moved from the initial one according to the movement of the position.

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I am not sure I understand what you mean. Could you try to elaborate or perhaps make an illustration showing what you are trying to do?

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Hello. I'm sorry I couldn't explain it well. Let's summarize what I want to do! I will post again.

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Are you talking about the centroid of the object?

Jason Brown
Software Developer, Bifrost
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Hello! I want to get the coordinates of an object (X, Y, Z) I want to know the axis and position.

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The position is the easy part, The Rebel Pack has "compute_centroid_from_points" which will give you the centroid position of the object, or you can average all the position values of the point.  Finding the axis is a little harder, and harder to understand, do you mean the orientation of the object?  

Jason Brown
Software Developer, Bifrost
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Thank you for answering my question! Is the level pack an extension? I find it useful to know the image of an object. I didn't think about the direction this time, but I would like to understand it as a research for future understanding.

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