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A problem with If node

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A problem with If node

I'm trying to emit particles from other particles. That works well enough. Then I wanted to add an If node based on the normalized age so the particles are emitted only after a certain point in the normalized age. You can see the graph here:


This didn't work and, as you can see by the red simulate node, it gives me this error:


The error appears when I connect the get normalized age into the greater node. So what could be the problem? I'm obviously missing something.

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 The rate port cannot be connected to the array value.


If you want to do that

use vary_source_property


2019-10-02 (1).png


or use kill_influence2019-10-02 (2).png

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Thank you very much, that helped a lot! Very nice of you especially to share the maya file, left no real questions. Have a nice day.

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