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Autodesk Answer Day | March 8th, 2017

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Thank you for coming to Autodesk Answer Day – the event has now concluded




On behalf of the experts participating, I would like to thank you for attending and for connecting with us.  We hope you will return to the boards to share your experiences, both good and bad.


We will be hosting more of these Answer Day events on a variety of topics in the months to come.  We hope to see you then!


If you still have questions to ask, feel free to post them on the Community – we always have experts on the Autodesk Community ready to help you out.





Get excited for the next installment in the Autodesk Answer Days series! This time we’ll be shifting our attention to a few of our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction tools. Join us on Wednesday, March 8th from 6:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time.


Have questions that you’ve always wanted to ask? Come spend a minute, an hour, or the whole day in the Autodesk Community to interact directly with the people who bring you our award-winning software! We’ll be answering questions in our BIM 360, Civil 3D, Infraworks 360, and Revit English forums.


Additionally we’ll be answering questions in two of our most popular German forums – see the German event details and hours below.


How The Day will work:


It’s easy. It’s free. It’s Answer Day.


Come to the Autodesk Community and post your product questions! Engage in real time conversation with the teams and experts that develop your favorite Autodesk flagship products:


  • Product Designers
  • QA Analysts
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service
  • Community Managers


When you visit the Autodesk Answer Day on March 8th, product experts will be online and ready to tackle your tough questions. There’s no limit on how many questions you can ask; we’re up for the challenge!


Millions of customers come to the Autodesk Community every month; we hope that you’ll join us on this special event on March 8th!


This is a global English event.


Feel free to save the attached files to your calendar to remind you of Answer Day. For further details or info on the event tweet us @AutodeskHelp.




English Event Details:


Answer Day will be occurring in the following English Forums:




German Event Details:


In addition to the English forums, Answer Day will also be occurring in the following German Forums:




Stay tuned for future events!










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