Autodesk’s Research and Feedback Communities

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How Customer Voices Help Shape Autodesk’s Design Technology Journey


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Autodesk has a rich customer research ecosystem to ensure its design technology supports customers' needs and creativity. This collaboration helps achieve new possibilities, empowering customers to design, innovate and create a better world.

Working across multiple industries - Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Entertainment and Media and Product and Manufacturing – learn more about the distinctive and collaborative communities within Autodesk, and how to get involved and provide your input and feedback as we move along the design technology journey.


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Autodesk Research 

Autodesk Research is at the forefront of industry research, partnering with global leaders to push the boundaries and unlock advanced levels of innovation through its key research domains; Industry Futures, Science, Strategic Foresight, Advanced Engineering and their Technology Centers. 

From researching emerging technology and trends across the STEEP (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political) framework to examining new possibilities for artificial intelligence and robotics, Autodesk Research explores forward thinking ideas to develop solutions and overcome challenges. 

Learn more about the people, projects and networks here 


Autodesk Research Community

Influence the future of your Autodesk experience – help us to understand your needs and shape the products and services you use every day.  

Join our closed community as we share ideas and concepts to improve and develop our tools.
We receive customer insights throughout the product development lifecycle – from discovery to launch - evaluating ideas and feedback before and after they are built. 
We welcome insights and feedback from professionals of all levels and backgrounds to provide diverse experiences, viewpoints and examples. Complete your profile to receive invite-only 1-on-1 feedback opportunities to provide an equal voice and help drive our development strategy and priorities. 

Participate in testing concepts and new developments with our Autodesk teams, research surveys and discussion forums. Network and see how your feedback has influenced development and innovation in our Community Member Hub.  
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Feedback Community 


Work closely with software developers, user researchers, and other product team members and share your feedback during the beta stage of technology development.


Join online discussions, research surveys, focus groups, technological previews of features and enhancements in early development with opportunities to test in real-time virtual and occasional in-person events with product team members.


Learn more here. 


Customer Value Hub


The Customer Value Hub is a cross-industry destination that brings awareness on Autodesk’s commitment to listening and delivering continuous value through industry-leading solutions that drive tangible business outcomes to our customers. 


What you can find on the Customer Value Hub: 

  • The enhancement timeline of Autodesk’s hero products 
  • Some product roadmaps  
  • Interviews with the Revit product team (Coming soon: AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor) 
  • Business model introduction  
  • Resources to share feedback and ideas 

Learn more here. 


Autodesk Community


Join the conversation with 8 million members worldwide at Autodesk Community where customers come together to find answers to product questions, share knowledge and experience, meet peers and build networks, and learn something new. 


Members can get involved in several ways: 

  • Join over 160 product- and industry-based discussions in Community Forums 
  • Participate in Community Conversations webinars 
  • Contribute to the Community Voices blog,  
  • Post Community Tips on Autodesk products 
  • Take part in Community Challenges  
  • Receive recognition by getting involved by earning Community Badges.  

There is also a dedicated space for students to connect and collaborate. Accepted solutions provided by the community help around 1 million visitors every month. Members contribute knowledge, insights, and experience in new Community Conversations webinars, Community Voices blog posts, and Community Tips every week. 


Learn more here and follow the team on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Join Facebook Groups for Architecture, Engineering & Construction and Product Design & Manufacturing


Autodesk’s research and feedback communities provide our customers with multiple opportunities to participate in our design technology process.

We appreciate and value your feedback, ideas and engagement to help us create products and services of value and help you succeed in the challenges and opportunities you face for your business, industry and beyond.


Your voice matters - which community best suits your needs?  





Written by Kristel Valaydon Community Manager for Autodesk Research Community (External Contractor)