Autodesk Research Community and Women in BIM Launch Equity and Inclusion Initiative

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The Autodesk Research Community (ARC) is thrilled to announce its year-long partnership with Women in BIM (WIB) on International Women’s Day 2023.


Both organizations are committed to this year’s theme #EmbraceEquity to ensure more women’s voices are heard when impacting innovation and technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.


This partnership is the first of Autodesk Research Community’s “All Voices Heard” initiative to drive diversity, inclusion and opportunities to understand our under-represented customers.


ARC supports Autodesk’s ongoing commitment to customer feedback and insights, welcoming voices from all backgrounds and experience. Customer feedback is used to help deliver the tools, products and services that drive and create industry, and global, solutions.


Over the next 12 months, the organizations will partner to minimize bias in the industry by supporting fairness and respect.


Our efforts will include:  

  • Proactively invite women in the BIM sector to research feedback opportunities to identify, highlight and improve product and industry challenges 
  • Showcase member success, especially female professionals in senior BIM roles, to support and encourage future female leaders.   
  • Share digital intelligence to provide women in the industry with skills and knowledge to help advance their expertise and careers 

Over the last 10 years, Women in BIM has built a global network of over 2,000 members and many followers across 50 countries with an aim to increase diversity, inclusion and representation in the industry.


Rebecca Di Cicco, Founder of Women in BIM says: 


“We are delighted to receive support and partnership from the Autodesk Research Community who share our values and drive to ensure women in BIM have a represented voice within the industry.


We look forward to working together to elevate and profile the great achievements of our members but also inspire and encourage more female leaders into the world of BIM to speak up and contribute. We also look to future proof women’s careers by learning more about innovation and technology with Autodesk and the industry.” 


JoAnna Cook, Vice President of AEC Design Solutions at Autodesk says:  


“As a customer-focused company, it’s imperative to consider the diverse voices and experiences we serve around the world.


Autodesk aims to deliver innovative solutions with the tools and technology we create to solve our collective challenges, within our industries and globally. We achieve this when we have fair and balanced representation in our customer feedback to deliver a more inclusive and equitable future for all.


We’re excited to launch this initiative with Women in BIM and better understand how we can deliver impact even further.”


If you’d like to join the Autodesk Research Community and be invited to contribute to research that will help shape and influence your Autodesk experience, please sign up here   


Learn more about Women in BIM at  
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Written by Kristel Valaydon, Community Manager for Autodesk Research Community (External Contractor)