An Award Winning Approach To Building Autodesk's Design And Make Platform With Its Customers

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How customer-user research excellence shapes Autodesk’s technology and drives industry innovation

Customer Insights Inform Business DecisionsCustomer Insights Inform Business Decisions



The Autodesk Research Community (ARC) has been recognized as a global innovator in industry-leading customer insights – driving excellence in delivering a world-class customer user research experience.


Presented the 2023 Delta Award by Alida, the Total Experience Management Platform, the Autodesk Research Community were winners alongside brands including Warner Bros. Entertainment, J.Crew and Toyota.


The Autodesk Research Community was commended for outperforming industry norms in delivering customer insights to support Autodesk’s business objectives; its efforts to drive scalable research operations and its commitment to customer engagement, particularly in the B2B market.


JoAnna Cook, Vice President of AEC Design Solutions says: “We’re thrilled that the Autodesk Research Community team has been recognized for its impact in shaping our design and product roadmaps and UX strategy through customer insights.


Autodesk’s commitment as a customer-centric company enables us to work with our customers to better understand their challenges. Together we will co-create industry-leading solutions as a Design and Make platform. Through our efforts to drive two-way communication, we can support their next stage of digital transformation to achieve their business and industry goals.”

How do we create an excellent customer-user research experience?


Autodesk’s dedicated Research Operations Guild manages the tools and processes to support research and deliver critical customer insights to inform Autodesk's business decisions.


Valuing members’ commitment to work directly with research and design, the ARC team coordinates research across multiple business units. This ensures customers receive a healthy number of invite-only opportunities tailored to their experience.

This year’s award applauded the Research Operations Guild for its successful initiatives to grow its community member base. This brought a more balanced worldwide representation of customer voices and niche roles. The ARC has worked with DE&I organizations such as the National Organization of Minority Architects and Women In BIM, to ensure all voices are heard when creating industry and global solutions.


Also highlighted was ARC’s dedication to closing the loop with research through content and activities in the Member Hub. This two-way communication provides transparency and insights into the design technology process. Feedback also updates members on how their insights help steer product roadmap development, and contribute to updates and launches.


“Autodesk stands out as a clear industry leader, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to its customers,” said Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida. “Through their prioritization of ongoing two-way feedback, the Autodesk insights team has been able to inform business decisions while building strong relationships with their customers. These connections have empowered Autodesk to create unprecedented value and impactful user experiences.”


Read ARC’s winner’s story here.


2023 Alida Delta Award2023 Alida Delta Award


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* Alida provides customer experience solutions to help brands drive innovation and is the insight and community platform used by the Autodesk Research Community and other clients including HBO Max, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Meta.