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Can you make Rooms calculate occupancy like areas?

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Can you make Rooms calculate occupancy like areas?

I work in an office where my coworkers despise using the area tool. I am too stubborn to give up the benefit of using the area tool to do the occupancy load calculations. This leaves me wondering if I can make rooms to do the calculations for me like the areas did before. If it just can't be done, I am fine with that answer, but I don't mind learning how & doing the work if it is possible. My goal is to maximize the coordination of all these office projects. 


For context, I am self-taught on so much of Revit enough to be James Bond level dangerous, & I am trying to fill the shoes of a BIM manager for a small firm. Any help would be appreciated, because I have yet to find in depth information on the editing of room or area parameters since these are systems families. Thanks!

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Hi @MichaelTierney739 

It seems you have a question about Revit - the correct forum for that would be:
This forum is for supporting Autodesk Drive (

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Yes I posted this on this forum on accident like an idiot, & immediately afterwards tried to delete it, but didn't see how.

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