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Supercharge your Tool Palette!

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Do this now if you use a Tool Palette: 



This should be set OOB but it's not, so here you go:

ToolPalette performance is greatly increased when you set your path in the options dialog box all the way to the ”\palettes\” folder (S:\ACAD\Toolpalette\Tools\Palettes\). If you stop where the program typically sets the path (S:\ACAD\Toolpalette\Tools\) you will see the palettes taking a long time to preload when switching tabs on them. 




You can do this even on the default Palettes 🙂





This was awesome, thank you!!

@gothitis took the words right out of my mouth! 


I was also super proud that I have already done this (though I did have to check, phew)

@kristina.youngblut @You’re a wizard as well! Lol


@gothitis thanks for reminding me to post this!!