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References - Not Found Files!!! - Use eTransmit

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There are various techniques one could use to resolve issues with missing or damaged AutoCAD drawings that contain reference files.



Fig-1Missing xrefs a common problem when receiving drawings from an external source



Fig-2 eTransmit can be accessed by publish menu and sheet set manager


eTransmit, which may be accessed via the program menu or Sheet Set manager, first asks the user to save the working file before gathering any other files requested by the user, such as Excel spreadsheets, Word or PDF files, plot styles, fonts and any other custom line types.



 Fig-3 eTransmit prompts to save before creating the transmittal setup



Fig-4 Additional notes can be added for the transmittal setup


 With the transmittal configurations dialogue on the right-hand side, eTransmit can also be set up for many receivers.




 fig-5 Creating a transmittal setup


Create a new setup for a sender and modify the settings as desired. The resulting dialogue reveals many options, regarding how paths should be stored, file formats, display options etc.




Fig-6 Setting the transmittal options


When you send an email with transmittal, the default email client opens and a zipped file and transmittal note are automatically attached.


It is ideal to set the plotter to "none" so that there won't be any "device not found" errors when opening the drawing at the other end. Purging the drawing is a smart idea since it clears it of any unnecessary information, which reduces clutter and filesize.


After selecting "OK," the files will be attached and an issued copy will be created for the transmittal record folder.



Fig-7 eTransmit on request will create the email attachment.


Anything required to view or plot not already included in the default installation of whoever you're sharing with needs to be attached.

Standard Plot Styles like monochrome.ctb and Fonts like AutoCAD' Swis721 Lt BT don't need to be included but fonts created in house or downloaded need to be attached. Shape (*.shx) files often used in linetypes need to be attached as well.