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Little Bits: LAYMCUR Command

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The LAYMCUR command is an easy way to switch your current layer. The command enables you to select an object and make that object's layer your current layer. This command is known as the Make Current or LAYMCUR. The command can either be typed into the command line or found on the Home ► Layers section of the ribbon, as seen in the image below.


LayMCur Command - Ribbon LocationLayMCur Command - Ribbon Location


This is another one of my favorite commands. It allows me to quickly toggle the current layer. I hope you enjoy it too!


I love this command! I have a legend in my template and I utilize that to switch things around quickly. I also love that it comes up with 4 characters LAYM, as I can type that faster then using the mouse to navigate to the icon.



@kristina.youngblut  Oh snap! You might be changing my world with shortening my commands! I didn't know I could type just the four letters. I love when I can type less to access commands. I even create command aliases with the Express Tools.

Not everything is as accommodating, but there are a few that help me retain some of my sanity. 

Thank goodness Qselect is "QS" I used that a lot.