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Dynamic Blocks: Constraining Block Attributes with Stretch Action

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks are a feature that allows you to customize blocks with dynamic properties. Unlike static blocks, which have fixed properties that cannot be modified without editing the block itself, Dynamic Blocks allow you to modify specific parameters while still retaining the underlying geometry of the block.


These controls are not limited to Lines, objects, and nested blocks. But can also be applied to Annotations and Block Attributes.


To access Dynamic Block Palette, you must be in Block Editor mode.


Under the Manage Panel - select Authoring Palettes


This will bring up your Block Authoring Palettes.


**Be sure to set your parameters that will be associated with the Stretch Command. Parameters are a requirement.


Select Stretch from the Actions Tab on the Block Authoring Palette.


Select Parameter


Specify parameter point to associate with action 


Specify Stretch Frame 


Select Objects - While selecting Objects, select the Block Attribute. Seriously, it is that easy.



Play around with these controls and discover how you add more depth and control to your projects today.


I want to thank @C3D_Handyman for reaching out to me for help with this AutoCAD feature. By working towards a solution, we were able to show how a simple action can add another level of control to his Titleblocks, making them more efficient and flexible. It's a great example of how the AutoCAD community can support each other and share knowledge to improve workflows.


If you found this post helpful, please consider sharing it with others who might benefit from it. Together, we can build a stronger AutoCAD community and help each other achieve better results. Thanks for your support!


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Amazing Tip @kristina.youngblut Such a colossal timesaver when set up 😎

Thank you, this was such a fun task with @C3D_Handyman he had created such a clean and simple model utilizing this command. 

It was a fun little problem to solve. Thanks for the help @ kristina.youngblut.