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Copy Pasta - Command Line Edition

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There are lots of really cool things about AutoCAD, but one of my favorites (I know I have a lot of those) is the command line. Today's feature I'm excited about is the ability to paste completed commands into the command line. Now as cool as that is, the ability to paste SEVERAL sequential commands at one time opens up a whole level of productivity. 


If the power of this isn't apparent, let me give you a hypothetical situation. Say someone gives you coordinates from field notes. There is just a long list of x,y,z and you need to get them all into AutoCAD quickly. Just simply add "point" to the beginning of each and then copy and paste them into the command line!


Original Field Notes:



Easy Button Copy Pasta:

Point 53.81,90.86,626.29
Point 87.4,28.96,102.65
Point 29.71,20.53,900.53
Point 8.88,48.72,871.8
Point 16.24,73.12,535.66
Point 19.64,62.97,797.15
Point 9.05,21.03,409.91
Point 52.34,23.33,988.73
Point 7.25,5.82,44.82
Point 71.53,54.63,364.95


CADnoob Paste Points into Command line2.gif


This is not limited to this application. Anything which could be accomplished via command line can likely be pasted. The potential applications for this are fantastic!


Fun Example Copy Pasta:

ellipse 1,1 2,1 1
ellipse 4,1 5,1 1
circle 3,0 3.5
arc 1.5,-1 3,-2 4.5,-1


CADnoob Paste into Command line.gif


Love this @TheCADnoob and also discovering the term copypasta for the first time 😎

@TheCADnoob The term "copy pasta" was enough to make me click to learn more haha. Great post, I did not know this one 🙂

>> Just simply add "point" to the beginning of each 


OR, often simplier

add a new first line MULTIPLE Point


but after pasta pasting, you have to exit the command