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CADversity! Introduction to Annotation Scales!

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Welcome to CADversity!

Today, we will be introduced to Annotation Scales!



Ever had to show the same text but at different sizes?




Instead of creating a bunch of copies at different sizes and creating layers for those copies, you can use Annotation Scales to make one text do it all!


Here's how:


  • First, set your annotation scale in model space (Bottom right corner).



  • Second, create a text object (Mtext, Mleader, Dimension).



  • Third, use "OBJECTSCALE" to add additional scales.*



  • *You can also use the Right-click menu:  gothitis_1-1678805277954.png


  • *or the Properties window:  gothitis_2-1678805287906.png


When you select your object, you will see "ghosted" versions showing you where the text will be at each scale.




Use the blue grips to move any text overlaps. Just set the drawing scale to the text you want to modify first. Do not use the move command, or you will move the whole object.




*Bell rings* 


Class dismissed! See you all next time. 👨‍🏫



@gothitis Great tip! Annotation scales make drawing management so much easier.

This is a fundamental tip, one everyone should know. Thank you for sharing. This is a fantastic addition!


would you be kind enough to also show us what the bottom bar icons for annotations do? Like the lightning bolt and the circle? Thanks!

@DanielLench_ Great question!! Maybe it will be at the next CADversity class 🙂

Great post, @gothitis!


  • WARNING - Good standards and cad management will serve you well.
    Avoid confusing scales.
    These are all valid and distinct scales:
    1" = 50'
    1"= 50'
    1in = 50ft
  • That said, there may be a scheme where this makes sense:
    1" = 50'
    1" = 50' Demo
    1" = 50' Phase 1
    1" = 50' Phase 2
  • Be Aware that "Automatic Scaling" of Civil 3D Labels is often confused with "Annotative Text."

A bit of a trick, if you are unitless in your drawing. Reset the scales to metric! 1:50 is the same as 1" = 50' and so on.