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Two Issues - 2018 to 2020 & EXPORTTOAUTOCAD not working

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Two Issues - 2018 to 2020 & EXPORTTOAUTOCAD not working

We received Plant3D drawings from a client. We can open them in Plant3d 2018 and all is fine. We open them in Plant3D 2020 and we just see lines. Likewise if we EXPORTTOAUTOCAD from Plant3d 2018, we just get another Plant3D drawing. The pipes are still pipes, not solids.

They mentioned Autodesk_Fabrication_CADmep_OE_2018. I think we had to install that Object Enabler to see their pipes, even with Plant3D.

Is that what's going on? Are their pipes not Plant3D pipes but Fabrication objects?

We can explode their pipes, but that results in thousands of faces, not solids, and a very large, unwieldy drawing file.

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Yeah, 5 minutes later, I think I figured it out. 

Funny how writing something down or saying it out loud gives you ideas.

I'm betting the client made the piping model with CADmep and not Plant3D.

After perusing the forums for a bit, it looks like we're just stuck with gobs of 3D Faces unless we jump through a lot of hoops. It will almost be easier to rebuild the pipe network in Plant3D or Revit.

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