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Push up your workspeed! Generate all Isometrics over night!

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Push up your workspeed! Generate all Isometrics over night!

Hey Guys,


i will give you here all what you need to Generate your Isometrics with a batch Routine over night.


motivated from Peter Quinns Statement, i figured out how i can generate all my Isometrics from my Project in background or overnight.


First, i checked how i can use the pnpiso.exe with a .scr file and a lsp routine in Autocad. This was real frustrating because the string which talk with the pnpiso need a realy specific path


Ok i got it. My Script which i can load in Autocad works fine and its much faster. But i have all the time to open Autocad to generate my isos. That sucks.

So i tried to create a batch file with accoreconsole.exe. The Batch File wont work. it starts.. load my scr file and my lsp file but dont create my isos.


But i was already happy with my scr file. I sent it to a good friend which is a autodesk expert elite, and he was also very happy that the scr file works. He told me that the pnpiso.exe works without accoreconsole too with my string. So the idea was born to create the batch without acad. And it works!


So i have created a batch File where you can start your isometric production without Autocad or Autocad Plant 3D but you have to installed it.


The last Thing what you need to do is to add your bat file to the windows task scheduler, give him a task (e.g. to run at 8pm) and at the next morning your Isometrics should be all located in your folder where you have told the bat file to save them. The Bat File copies your IsoCreationlog.txt to your Destinationfolder, too


The Solution is much faster as generating the isometrics Plant.


Im looking forward for your reply. Please dont forget to set the correct paths in the batchfile acc. your requirements.







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The down side of this is that it's processing old data if the model has changed. You have to make sure the pcfs are current first. Nice work, though!
Dave Wolfe
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