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Calculation within annotation

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Calculation within annotation

Needing some help to figure out how to get an annotation to perform a calculation on data provided on another line of the annotation and return the number.  We would like to have an annotation that show both GPM and m3/hr flow rates by just providing the GPM within the pipline tag.  Ive created a property called FLOW  and added it to the pipeline tag prompt.  So far i have been able to drop the annotation in with the GPM on one line, and that works fine. Is there a way to take the GPM number provided in the tag or in the annotation itself, run the calculation to convert GPM to m3/hr (GPM mulipllied by 4.402868) and then round to the integer.  I think this can probably be done with a diesel expression but i have had no luck figuring this out so far..  This is the diesel expression I have tried but not able to figure out the ????? part of it...

%<\AcDiesel $(*,??????,4.402868) \f "%tc4">%

Can this be done?

Screenshots provided



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in reply to: dmichaels

Sounds like a good place to use PLANTDEFINECALCPROPERTIES.

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in reply to: jabowabo

Hey guys, where is everyone learning how to use the plantdefinecalcproperties?  For instance how do you know what the symbols mean, when to use ToString, what that even means?


It seems cryptic as if there is a coding language I am not privy to. 


Any help on how to use this tool would be greatly appreciated.


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in reply to: JameseeT3KVM

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