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Regarding cancellation of subscription

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Regarding cancellation of subscription

My autocad free trial is expiring in 4 days . It's irony that there is no option ro cancel subscription in your autocad app. I don't want to continue with it and don't want to be charged. Can u guys cancel it from ur side or let me know through mail that how to do it. Thanks.

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@gurshabg321  No one here is Autodesk nor sales. No one is goin to see your post to do much about it.

If you purchased direct through Autodesk, read this


If you purchased through the mobile device's App Store... Mobile apps can often be cancelled from the App Store of that device: reach out to the App Store admins of that device for assistance if that's not easy to do.


You can ALWAYS contact your credit card company (or bank) to end payments/stop payments too.



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