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Error Exporting gbXML File from AutoCAD MEP 2024

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Error Exporting gbXML File from AutoCAD MEP 2024

I have been trying to fix this issue for days now and I am at a loss.
I have walls, a space, and a zone attached to the space. I export to .XML using the prompt: GBXMLEXPORT
I then receive an error that the space doesn't have a "type" which you can see in the attached images.

I have read elsewhere that this is a "glitch" or whatnot and will not affect anything. However, when I import into EnergyPro 9, I receive the messages/errors in the attached images. I reached out to EnergyPro's customer service and they are saying it is a bad export from AutoCAD.

My coworker is not having this issue with AutoCAD MEP 2020, and I have looked through settings, properties, etc. with no luck on why this is happening.

Any help would be appreciated.

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It appears that the issue with the space "type" in AutoCAD MEP 2024 is causing errors during the gbXML export. As a workaround, you might try using AutoCAD MEP 2020 for exporting until this issue is resolved, or check for any updates or patches from Autodesk that address this glitch.

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