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Burst Command in Autocad MEP 2012

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Burst Command in Autocad MEP 2012

The burst command does not wok in 2012, does anyone know what it changes to?

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Did you remember to install Express Tools?

Do you have any Express Tools installed?

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I don't know if this is the "right" answer, but it works. 


Just create a new command- (in CUI, on the left side in the Command List area there is a star with a little sun? on it.  This is the new command button.  Click it.)


This will bring up a box with properties you populate to create a new command.  These are my answers (you can cheat off of me.. it's o.k.)


Name: Burst

Description (Displays as a tooltip when you hover on the new botton): Blows crap up but not as thoroughly as explode

Extended Help File:

Command Name: Burst

Macro: burst



Under Images, select an icon you would like to represent your new button.  I found a bitmap of Mike Tyson's face.  It works.


Hit save and put it on your toolbar or panel somewhere. Also, use point filters.  They're awesome once you add an @ to the macro!


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For 2012, 2011 and maybe 2010 I did not have the option to install express tools and had to go to control panel and hit unistall but you do not unistall it then choose add tools or whatever the options is.

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mustangman -- any chance you could spell out the macro? i can draw but can't program myself out of a paper bag.

would sure appreciate it  --  thanks!

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That woked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

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